What is the Female Dress Code for Ballroom Dancing?

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Ballroom attire for women depending not only on the type of ballroom dancing type you want to perform but also your skill level, if you are a beginner you will look for something more comfortable whereas if you are an advance dancer there is a specific dress code depending on the ballroom dance type. This article will tell you which dance clothes you should wear in different situations.

1. What to Wear for Ballroom Dancing Lessons

    Ballroom dancing is all about taking large steps – forward and backward.

    Practicing in the right attire makes it easier to transition from practice to finale performance, where you might wear long gowns or dresses.


    Latin / Rhythmic dresses are usually shorter to accentuate your legs. Skirts are often decorated with fringe, ruffles, and frills to exaggerate the movement of the hips and body.



    Standard / Smooth dresses are generally long ballgowns. These basic dresses are less decorative and suitable for practice.


    2. What to Wear for Ballroom Dancing Competition


    Advanced Latin / Rhythm dress is decorated with more rhinestone sequins or a lot of heavy fringes, which is much more luxurious than the basic model.



    Open standard dress is a very classic style, there is floating yarn, usually with gloves, but also with rhinestones and sequins, the skirt is low and fluffy.



    Advanced Smooth dresses are a modern melange of the Standard gown and the Latin dress. They are generally full-length dresses without fluff to the skirt, and a touch of Latin or modern flare.