Can You Teach Yourself to Ballroom Dance?

Can you teach yourself to ballroom dance?

Ballroom dancing has many styles, many people want to learn but no idea how to get started.

Keep reading and we will tell you how to learn basic ballroom dance at home.


  • Choose a Dance Style

    Ballroom dancing consists of many different social dances and styles including
    samba, rumba, tango, jive, cha-cha, waltz, quickstep, and foxtrot.

    If you don't know how to choose, use google and youtube to search for videos of various dance styles, and pick your favorite one.

    • Research the Background of the Dance.

    Each dance style has an origin and an evolution. There is always an interesting tale behind the dance style development from the moment it was created to the present. Different styles have distinct cultural and geographical backgrounds.

    This body of knowledge may seem irrelevant to the movements and rhythms of dance but in fact, it allows you to study and understand the nuances and traits of each dance type, and what you should pay attention to when learning.

    • Turn on the Music

    Finding the right music and familiarizing with its rhythm is the vital importance for allowing your body to move along with the tunes.

    • Learn Basic Dance Steps

    Now, you need to start practicing basic dance steps. You can find many video tutorials on the web.

    Memorize steps and follow the music until your body remembers them. Once you master one combination, you can then move on to the next combination while mastering it with the first combination.

    Through practice, you will notice that other foot combinations are just variations of the basic steps.

    • Practice with a Partner

    Obviously, ballroom dancing is about dancing with a partner.

    Once you are done with a specific combination of steps, it is time to test it out with a partner.

    • Keep on Dancing

    Hopefully, by this time, you have finished dancing the entire song with five complete combinations.

    The next thing you need to do is continue to dance and polish your movements.
    A mirror is a great tool to track your progress.

    After many repetitions, you will get tired of one track. Then try a different song to see if you can keep up.